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Lessons from Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill


Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill


Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill died almost half a century ago - in 1970, but the luggage he collected is relevant to this day. Throughout his life, Hill collected materials about the lives and successes of famous people, including the tycoons John Rockefeller and Henry Ford.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon was also called a psychologist and philosopher of success; he was one of the founders of the self-help method. Its essence is simple: a person can help himself, there would be a desire! "What the human mind can comprehend and what it can believe, it can achieve" - ​​used to say Hill. Do you have a wish? Do you have brains, do you have faith?

Then go ahead, take the first step!


For example, a person craves money - day and night, constantly, he cannot eat - he dreams so much of wealth. Fine! When there is a desire, the rest will follow. The main thing is to estimate how much money you would like to have. A million, a billion, or maybe for complete happiness you need $5000 - the final payment on a mortgage? Have you indicated the amount? Now think about what you can sacrifice for this - your family, free time, a hobby, determine the period for which you need to make money, make a step-by-step plan for acquiring money and act! Remind yourself constantly about your dream, repeat it like a mantra before going to bed, imagine that you have already received this money.


“Everything, nothing else to believe in, everything, nobody to trust” ... Throw these lines out of your head, without faith in yourself and your success nothing will work. Don't just believe - be confident! Remember that faith is not a property of the psyche, but just a state of mind. Who, if not a reasonable person, is able to influence his own subconsciousness?

Don't just believe - be confident!


Hill lists five steps in this process:

·       Realize the purpose of life and do everything to achieve it.

·       Devote half an hour a day to developing the ideal personality that you would like to be.

·       Constantly think about the goal - sooner or later you will come up with practical means of achieving it.

·       Continue to work on yourself until you achieve the desired self-confidence.

·       Do not make deals that go against your conscience. Any wealth will not bring happiness if it is not based on truth and justice.


Get special knowledge by constantly learning and improving. Knowledge should be not only theoretical, but also practical: use it to draw up a plan of action to achieve your goal.


Wealth begins with an idea, and ideas arise from imagination. You and only you imagine the implementation of your plans in your dreams, and if you imagine, it means that you will be able to realize it! Separate synthetic and creative imaginations. With the help of the first, you imagine and develop ideas and designs in your own head, with the help of the second you transform them into fantastic designs.


As already mentioned, without a clear plan - nowhere. Attach allies to the case, assign the roles of each of them, and describe what benefits each will receive. Meet a couple of times a week (more often, but not less!) And brainstorm.


As the successes and failures of Hill's contemporaries have shown, large companies are reluctant to take risks. This is understandable - they already have something to lose, in contrast to young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Whoever you are - do not postpone the decision, do not pull the cat by the balls. Decided - do it!


Ok, decided, now show willpower. There will be crises and setbacks on your way - that's life, baby. Analyze your path, your own weaknesses and strengths - and do not deviate from the intended path.


Do not neglect the "sixth sense" - it will help you feel danger in time, take risks and catch luck by the tail. True, in order to fully rely on intuition, it is better to first properly study the principles given above.

And if it doesn't work?

Hill also considers examples of failures - where without them, not everyone can become rich! In his opinion, the main reasons for failure are the lack of specific goals, lack of education, lack of persistence, insecurity and even bad heredity. In short, it is easier to read the above principles and present them with a minus sign. No faith, no desire, no knowledge, no imagination - horror, right? If you notice one of these sins in yourself, read the book again and take a detailed look at the place where you feel the gaps. If everything is good, then you should know, you will succeed! We retell the text in our own words - but, frankly, we advise you to read the original. The author's unique language is the highlight of the book. Napoleon Hill sometimes takes the reader into the fascinating jungle of philosophy, then he sprinkles with real examples from life. The principles of this sage are truly worth "casting in granite", writing in a notebook and re-reading over and over again.


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